I love this book. It’s so heartwarming!

I got the kindle version of this book. The title was intriguing to me, maybe because I myself wanted to be an astronaut as a kid. As i went through the pages the illustrations really transported me, it’s full of vivid imagination and I think it’s a wonderful read for children. It encourages free creativity, and in adults, a very pleasant and heartwarming reminder of the time when in our young minds we were eager to discover the world, the universe and everything in it! Always supported by the protection and love of our parents. I loved it.

Laura Sfiat

Beautiful artwork, great book!

My daughter really enjoys this book! The story is adorable and the artwork is beautiful! A great first book by this author!

Christian Hoelscher

Outta This World Fun

An entertaining story with fun, colorful illustrations, and memorable characters. Elephants that effortlessly place stars in the sky, incredibly tall pink giraffes and happy hippos taking moonbaths — all wildly stretching any imagination. And that’s just fine. After all, isn’t that what readers crave most?

A.C. Szul